Friday, May 31, 2013

North Chatt Cat

Stop 6 on the burger tour:  North Chatt Cat

Overall Score: 47.6(F)



This week's stop on the burger tour is somewhere I had never been prior to today and honestly it is somewhere I will probably never go to again.  Although I had never been, I had high expectations based on some reviews I had read.  To be short and sweet, this burger simply does not meet up to the standards of other burgers we have had on the tour.  When I took my first bite I thought they had given me a veggie burger.  The fries were average, at best.  Value took a hit based on their increase of price for using a credit card and the poor burger quality.

Simply put, the highlight of this trip was walking down to Clumpie's and getting an icecream cone after the disappointing burger.  I didn't think it could get worse than Sofa King, but it did.  Overall Score: 45 (F)


North Chatt Cat was this week's stop..and I must say I'm pretty disappointed.  I like the atmosphere, it's my kind of place.  The waitress was really nice and friendly, and honestly the value isn't too bad.  The problem here is the food.  The hamburger patty is obviously of the pre-made frozen variety and pretty much tasted like it.  The veggies were fine, the bun was fine, but the patty was just awful.  The fries were good and the sweet tea was served in a nice big glass.  I don't like the whole two-price menu.  It looks stupid and must be a nightmare to keep up with.  What would be wrong with just posting the price and then telling folks they get 10 percent off if they pay cash?  Seems like a much better idea to me.  Sorry folks, this isn't going to make it in the top 5 I'm afraid, and probably not the top 10 if I'm honest.
Overall Score: 49(F)


(Note:  John knows the owner and has recused himself from voting.  We've taken our scores and averaged them to add in as John's score.)

I was on a hiatus from the tour this week, but I am confident that my partners' ratings will be on the "Mark."  For the Composite Score, we have added an average of the other two.  I will, however, award the bonus lemon points in absentia as I have it on good authority that you get not one, but two, wedges with the Cat's tea as well as one with a to-go cup.   Overall Score: 47 (Averaged)(F)

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