Friday, April 19, 2013

Tremont Tavern

Second Stop on the 2013 Burger Tour, Tremont Tavern

Overall Score:  83(B)




I thought the burger was great and gave it a 9.  Tasted like it had been grilled.  Very juicy.  No tie stains, but we ate at the bar so I was able to eat over the plate.  The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is that we are early in the tour and it is possible there is a better burger down the road.   I got the fries--better than average, but not outstanding (7.5).  Burger, fries and tea were $10.25, certainly not cheap, but the bartender explained that the meat was ground on the premises, Niedlov's bun was, of course, really good; lettuce and tomato looked and tasted local.  I'm willing to pay for superior ingredients.  Value gets a 9.   Great little bar.  Love the ambiance.  Dining experience about a million times better than Sofa King.  A thick burger cooked as ordered is going to take longer so I was okay with the 25 minute wait.  Like Russell, I had to ask the bartender for a refill, but he was a really nice guy and the waitress--let's just say she added immensely to a really great dining experience.  Service/Dining Experience gets a 9.  Asked for tea with lemon and got the lemon.  3 bonus points awarded.  I saw others at lunch get chicken fingers, club sandwich and a burger with Havarti cheese and bacon.  All looked fabulous.  I'll definitely be back.  Overall Score:  B+


First off, let me begin by giving a disclaimer.  DO NOT let my score discourage you from going to The Tremont Tavern to try this great burger.  I thought the burger was very good (I scored it an 8 out of 10).  It was a very tasty burger which was complemented by a Niedlov's bun.  It was a juicy burger, unlike
Sofa King's.  I got the chips as my side.  The homemade chips were very average.  They would have been better if they would have been served warm.  The service and overall dining experience was good, but it took a hit on the scoring because it took 25 minutes to get our food once we placed our order.  I was never asked if I wanted a refill (big pet peeve of mine) and the waitress grabbed my plate before I was done eating my cold homemade chips.  The overall atmosphere was good though.  It was a laid back, neighborhood style tavern.  The overall price was similar to Sofa King but we learned that The Tremont Tavern grinds their own meat.  That has to be worth something, right???  Again, I urge you not to let my overall score disappoint or discourage you from trying The Tremont Tavern.  The burger is very good.  Overall score: C+; Burger A-


It's no secret Tremont is one of my favorite hangouts, so it's only natural that I would give this burger a high score.  I actually love all the food served here.  This burger has it all.  The bun is super, the toppings are fresh, and the beef patty is TOP QUALITY.
Empty plate and lots of used napkins, a good sign
 All this and they still manage to make it a good value.  It always takes a little longer at lunch to get your food here, but the wait is worth it.  I chose chips as my side, and to be honest they were a little cool.  I did however go through several napkins, which is a sign that the burger was nice and juicy.  I know that we are early in the tour, but this burger is going to be hard to beat.  A great burger and a great lunch.  Overall Score: B+

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